Episode 81: What to Watch on HBO Max

Listen on Anchor Welcome to the latest episode of From a Certain Point of View!   Our news this week covers everything from a new Batman animated series to Dave Filoni's brand new promotion...from last year. We also kick off a brand new "What to Watch" series where we will take a look at streaming services … Continue reading Episode 81: What to Watch on HBO Max

“Star Wars Rebels” Revisited: Season 1

 Welcome to "Star Wars Rebels Revisited"! After finally finishing my binge watch of The Clone Wars, I was ready to revisit my favorite animated series of all time, Star Wars Rebels. Several months ago, I came up with a plan to watch all of the Star Wars films and TV shows in chronological order, so … Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels” Revisited: Season 1

My Favorite Clone Wars Opening Quotes

One of my favorite parts of Clone Wars is the opening quotes that immediately follow the opening title. It's a bit of a unique way to open a show and gives context to the episode ahead. Plus, I don't know of anyone who would scoff at some words of wisdom. For tonight's blog post, I … Continue reading My Favorite Clone Wars Opening Quotes