Weekly News Round-Up (1/13/2021)

Image from starwars.com This week there’s a lot of new content to explore. The High Republic has finally arrived, new Lego merch is ready for you to build, and the Bad Batch gets an update. The holidays might be over but here’s a very cool gingerbread inspired Mandalorian helmet. It’s not beskar but it probably … Continue reading Weekly News Round-Up (1/13/2021)

Weekly News Round-Up

Welcome to a brand-new feature for our website that we're very excited to share with you! Each week, Kyle Scully (on Twitter @socal_scully and kylescully.net) will be rounding up the Star Wars news of the week and delivering it right to the blog. Keep it here and don't miss any of your weekly Star Wars … Continue reading Weekly News Round-Up