Episode 39: The Psychology of Anakin Skywalker (Part 1)

Listen on Anchor Welcome to the latest episode of From a Certain Point of View! As we mentioned last week, we're taking a break from Thank the Maker for the first part of our look at the psychology of Anakin Skywalker. Before that, we have your Star Wars news of the week, and a review … Continue reading Episode 39: The Psychology of Anakin Skywalker (Part 1)

Poe Dameron: Free Fall Review

One of the recurring complaints I heard coming out of The Rise of Skywalker was that Poe's backstory had been changed from the New Republic turned Resistance hero pilot to the backworld spice runner turned Resistance hero pilot. So naturally, when I heard that Poe would feature in his own novel, I was very interested … Continue reading Poe Dameron: Free Fall Review