Episode 62: Star Wars This or That with Discord Friends!

Listen on Anchor Welcome to the latest episode of From a Certain Point of View!   We cover the week in Star Wars news - which features a TON of new High Republic news AND some news about Kevin Feige's Star Wars project. And then we open up the show to our friends in the FACPOV … Continue reading Episode 62: Star Wars This or That with Discord Friends!

Guarding The Light: Celebration Online

There's no getting around it. The last few weeks have been stressful, crazy, and downright depressing more often than not. And the next few weeks or possibly months don't look a lot different as we sit here right now. Seeing everything close down and major events cancelling or postponing their plans throws everything into doubt. … Continue reading Guarding The Light: Celebration Online

Guarding the Light: The 501st Legion

Image from 501st.com. I can't think of a better place to start showcasing the good in our community than by starting with the 501st Legion. You'd be hard-pressed to find a group of fans that are as devoted to the franchise while being as devoted to doing wonderful things both locally and globally. I'll just … Continue reading Guarding the Light: The 501st Legion

Guarding the Light

"The Light. It's always been there. It will guide you."Maz Kanata, The Force Awakens One of the goals we started out with when began this venture was to focus on the positive aspects of Star Wars. There's certainly negativity out there, and it can alter your view of the larger Star Wars community if you … Continue reading Guarding the Light