Episode 58: So Much News!

Listen on Anchor Welcome to the latest episode of From a Certain Point of View!   We have a jam packed episode this week! First off, we are honored to be joined by Nicole from Peace, Love, Star Wars, Twin Suns Outpost, and Peace, Love, Disney! She's joining us to go over the news of the … Continue reading Episode 58: So Much News!

Canon Catch-up: Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire

I think I should start this one off by saying I was prepared to not enjoy this novel so much. While I ultimately enjoyed Phasma, I wasn't really clamoring for a sequel. On top of that, I knew going in that this was part of the marketing material for Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World … Continue reading Canon Catch-up: Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire

Canon Catch-up: Phasma

It was inevitable that Captain Phasma would get some form of story set outside the movies in which she appeared. The marketing around her leading up to The Force Awakens and the fact that she was brought back for The Last Jedi practically promised we'd be getting more stories with her as a main character. … Continue reading Canon Catch-up: Phasma

Canon Catch-up: Lost Stars

If I have one single favorite Star Wars novel, it might just be Lost Stars. And the funny thing is that I skipped over it a couple times when it first came out. Something about it didn't catch me from the synopsis, so I read some other things first before finally caving in and picking … Continue reading Canon Catch-up: Lost Stars

Canon Catch-Up: Queen’s Shadow

It's Monday which means one thing: time for a new entry in the Canon Catch-Up series! This week is filled with politics and handmaidens with attitude: we're looking at Queen's Shadow, by E.K. Johnston. Queen's Shadow was released on March 5, 2019 and tells the story of Padmé and her transition from Queen of Naboo to Senator … Continue reading Canon Catch-Up: Queen’s Shadow

Canon Catch-Up: From a Certain Point of View

So this post is kind of meta. Almost like I'm naming a movie after an already established piece of well-known music. But that's another can of worms. This week's Canon Catch-Up is From a Certain Point of View. And aside from being one of the namesakes that inspired us to start our website and podcast, this … Continue reading Canon Catch-Up: From a Certain Point of View