You! Yes, YOU!

We want your help to make From a Certain Point of View the podcast, website, and blog that you want! We’re creating a much more interactive show, and we’re going to be incorporating listener and reader ideas into the show going forward. Here’s what we want from you:

  • Have any burning entertainment questions? Not sure how to interpret something in a movie you saw? Need some background information on how something works or how things fall into place in Star Wars Canon? Why exactly did Thanos want to snap people away? Is Batman really bad at heart? Maybe you just want to know something you think is really basic but you’re embarrassed to ask. Don’t be! We want to know, and we want to give you the best answers we can!
  • Have an idea for a show topic that you want to hear? Maybe you might want to even be ON the show! Send us your idea(s) and we’d love to figure out how to make that part of the podcast!
  • Do you have an idea for a great blog post? Let us know! Let’s get some guest blog posts going as well!
  • Thinking about something that doesn’t fit into any of this above? Great! Send it to us and tell us what we missed.

So, how can you get your ideas to us? Here’s a handy list of all the options you have:

Feel free to Tweet us, comment on the Facebook posts, talk to us in Discord, or send us a direct message on any of the above.

Oh, and be on the lookout for some more interactive ideas we’ve got cooking! We’re not done yet.