From a Certain Point of View launched in November 2019. Josh and Adam, both lifelong Star Wars fans, wanted a place they could share their passion with everyone else out there that might share the same passion. We also wanted a place where fans could talk and share their opinions openly, without fear of gatekeeping or opinion shaming. From a Certain Point of View (the show, the website, the blog, and the socials) represent that place.

Our focus is to break down the Star Wars news each week, give our reviews and opinions on the new Star Wars content as it debuts, and share our points of view on anything and everything Star Wars. We do that on a weekly basis on the podcast, and fill in the gaps between with our blog, Twitter feed, Facebook page, and Discord server.

If you want to know more about our background and how we grew to love Star Wars, check out our first show below. We talk about that a good bit here:

Another fun thing going forward is that we want to incorporate YOU into the show as well! For more information about how that works, click here!

Meet Adam Goswick

Adam was born in Pittsburgh and has lived in Western Pennsylvania all his life. His love for Star Wars goes back to some of his earliest memories, sitting cross legged on the floor watching VHS copies of the original trilogy. When he found Expanded Universe novels in his high school library, there was no looking back. Adam has a Bachelor’s Degree in English: Professional Writing, and his day job is spent working at home for a security company. Adam is also the sole writer at DisTech, a blog merging his other interests – Disney and technology. You can also catch him co-hosting the G³ Podcast, which airs LIVE every Thursday at 8PM Eastern on He spends his evenings with his wife, daughter, and two dogs. 

You can follow Adam on Twitter at @thegoz85 and Instagram at @thegoz85.

Meet Josh Rausch

Josh was born in the Pittsburgh area and has lived there his entire life. His love for Star Wars begin when he was 10 years old and he watched A New Hope for the first time on VHS. This moment created a love for film that Josh still has to this day. Josh has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Education. He is currently employed as a school counselor in Pennsylvania. In his spare time, Josh enjoys spending time with family and friends and watching any number of films and TV shows. Josh is a diehard Star Wars fan and constantly uses movie quotes in everyday conversations. Josh is also a regular author for Movie News Net, where he discusses movies of all genres.

You can follow Josh on Twitter at @JediJARJAR1722.