Welcome to the From a Certain Point of View Book Club!

What We Do

We read! We enjoy reading Star Wars novels and discussing them with each other. We have a private Discord channel that we use to talk about the books we love. Joining is free, just bring your copy of the book!

How to Join

It’s free and easy! All you need is a Discord account (get one here). Whenever you’re ready, just join our server and use the #certain-pov-book-club channel to chat with us!

Are There Rules?

Just some basic ones.

  • Check the pinned messages in the Discord channel to see what we’re currently reading.
  • You can absolutely read ahead, but be mindful of that during the discussion. Nobody likes a spoiler.
  • We never expect you to love everything you read or to agree with every opinion you encounter. But when that happens, be respectful about it. Voice your opinion, but don’t be rude.
  • Have fun!