Three Things Star Wars Teaches About Social Change

I had a friend that told me once a long time ago that the best science fiction and fantasy takes us out of our own world but still teaches us about our world. The last few days and weeks and months have been filled with plenty of strife, anguish, hurt, and sickness. If Star Wars … Continue reading Three Things Star Wars Teaches About Social Change

The Baby Yoda Crash Course

Star Wars fans have been known to theorize sometimes. Okay, that's an understatement. We theorize A LOT. If we're being completely honest, sometimes it gets us into trouble. So when something like a sweet, innocent, adorably green baby is dropped in our laps, we freak out a little bit. Can you really expect us to … Continue reading The Baby Yoda Crash Course

Bringing Balance to The Force

How do you bring balance to The Force? This is a question I've been asking myself lately, especially with The Rise of Skywalker on the horizon. Bringing balance to The Force has been mentioned several times throughout the Star Wars saga. In Episode I, Qui-Gon Jinn and Mace Windu discuss the prophecy of the one … Continue reading Bringing Balance to The Force