Mandalorian Watch Parties!

Let's watch The Mandalorian together - as a clan one might say! All you need to participate is a Discord account (free!) and a Disney+ account (not free, but let's be honest - you have one anyway). Simply join our Discord server (CLICK HERE) and accept the invite to join. Once you're there, check out … Continue reading Mandalorian Watch Parties!

‘Star Wars’: Jedi Temple Challenge Review

Jedi Temple Challenge is unique in that it is the first live-action Star Wars game show. This show is also exclusive to the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel. I was surprised at first that this show would not be on Disney+, because I thought it could reach more viewers on the streaming service. That being … Continue reading ‘Star Wars’: Jedi Temple Challenge Review

Welcome to the Golden Age of Star Wars

Everything has its “Golden Age,” right? That period of time when everything just seems to fall into place and you’re left with something at the best version of itself. I’ve been a baseball fan for a large part of my life, and I hear and read stories about the sport’s Golden Age – the 1920s … Continue reading Welcome to the Golden Age of Star Wars

“Star Wars Rebels” Revisited: Season 1

 Welcome to "Star Wars Rebels Revisited"! After finally finishing my binge watch of The Clone Wars, I was ready to revisit my favorite animated series of all time, Star Wars Rebels. Several months ago, I came up with a plan to watch all of the Star Wars films and TV shows in chronological order, so … Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels” Revisited: Season 1

What To Do With The Old Republic

We've heard the rumors for years: Lucasfilm is developing Old Republic! Old Republic is coming to Disney+! A brand new Old Republic movie trilogy is coming! Keanu Reeves is cast as Revan! If it's an Old Republic rumor, it'll make the rounds on social media. I haven't been shy about saying that I hope this … Continue reading What To Do With The Old Republic

My Favorite Clone Wars Opening Quotes

One of my favorite parts of Clone Wars is the opening quotes that immediately follow the opening title. It's a bit of a unique way to open a show and gives context to the episode ahead. Plus, I don't know of anyone who would scoff at some words of wisdom. For tonight's blog post, I … Continue reading My Favorite Clone Wars Opening Quotes

Looking Back on “The Gathering”

Like a lot of other people, I have been working my way through a re-watch of Clone Wars. Season 7 is coming in only a few short weeks, and honestly it's been a few years since I watched this series from start to finish.Clone Wars is filled with wonderful episodes, some of which expanded the … Continue reading Looking Back on “The Gathering”