Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising Review

I'm going to come right out and admit that this is a difficult review to write. Not because I didn't love what I read, but because I was so hyped up for this going into it that it's hard to separate that hype from how I objectively feel about this story. All that said, I … Continue reading Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising Review

Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark Review

It's expected for major Star Wars productions to get a novel adaptation. In fact, if a movie premiered without a novel coming soon thereafter I'm sure fans would make their displeasure known. So it seems fitting for Star Wars longest running television series to get the same treatment. Enter: Stories of Light and Dark. This … Continue reading Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark Review

Canon Catch-up: Thrawn: Alliances

I've had this catch-up sitting on the docket way too long, and it's finally time to get it out there. I've actually had to read a few synopses (I definitely had to Google the plural of that word) to refresh my memory on all the things that happened in this novel. But, without any further … Continue reading Canon Catch-up: Thrawn: Alliances

Canon Catch-up: Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire

I think I should start this one off by saying I was prepared to not enjoy this novel so much. While I ultimately enjoyed Phasma, I wasn't really clamoring for a sequel. On top of that, I knew going in that this was part of the marketing material for Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World … Continue reading Canon Catch-up: Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire

Canon Catch-up: Phasma

It was inevitable that Captain Phasma would get some form of story set outside the movies in which she appeared. The marketing around her leading up to The Force Awakens and the fact that she was brought back for The Last Jedi practically promised we'd be getting more stories with her as a main character. … Continue reading Canon Catch-up: Phasma

What To Do With The Old Republic

We've heard the rumors for years: Lucasfilm is developing Old Republic! Old Republic is coming to Disney+! A brand new Old Republic movie trilogy is coming! Keanu Reeves is cast as Revan! If it's an Old Republic rumor, it'll make the rounds on social media. I haven't been shy about saying that I hope this … Continue reading What To Do With The Old Republic

Introducing The From a Certain Point of View Book Club!

We're very excited to kickoff something brand new at From a Certain Point of View! Starting next week with the Rise of Skywalker novelization, we'll be reading this together in our Book Club! What will you need to join? It's SUPER easy, and the only thing you need to buy is your copy of the … Continue reading Introducing The From a Certain Point of View Book Club!

Canon Catch-Up: The Perfect Weapon

This week's Canon Catch-Up is going to be a quick one, because this week we're focusing on a short story. This is one I've skipped for a number of years, and honestly just finished my first read through. Today, we're looking at "The Perfect Weapon" by Delilah S. Dawson. What It's About "The Perfect Weapon" … Continue reading Canon Catch-Up: The Perfect Weapon

Project Luminous Recap: Illuminating A New Age

Monday was an exciting day for fans of Star Wars publishing! We've been hearing about this mysterious Project Luminous for months (years, actually), and we finally got a *ton* of information about what this project is all about. And from where I'm typing, I don't think I could be happier. So let's just skip all … Continue reading Project Luminous Recap: Illuminating A New Age

Canon Catch-up: Lost Stars

If I have one single favorite Star Wars novel, it might just be Lost Stars. And the funny thing is that I skipped over it a couple times when it first came out. Something about it didn't catch me from the synopsis, so I read some other things first before finally caving in and picking … Continue reading Canon Catch-up: Lost Stars