The Baby Yoda Crash Course

Star Wars fans have been known to theorize sometimes. Okay, that's an understatement. We theorize A LOT. If we're being completely honest, sometimes it gets us into trouble. So when something like a sweet, innocent, adorably green baby is dropped in our laps, we freak out a little bit. Can you really expect us to … Continue reading The Baby Yoda Crash Course

Rise of Skywalker’s Short To-Do List

There is a sentiment among some Star Wars fans that The Rise of Skywalker  has a long road ahead of it to "win back" fans that were jaded after The Last Jedi. While some of that might be true (and I have held that opinion myself in the past), I've come to realize that it's extremely over-exaggerated. … Continue reading Rise of Skywalker’s Short To-Do List