A Positive Force: Star Wars Helmets

I love Star Wars and I know a lot of other people do too, millions in fact, all across the world. Despite all the love, there’s still plenty of hate and anger. I’d like to do my part to remedy that malice with a little celebration of my own by highlighting things about Star Wars that bring me joy.

Each week I’ll discuss something different and topics won’t necessarily be related to divisive or current conversation. Instead, I’ll reflect on anything Star Wars that makes me smile. This week, I’m talking about all those fabulous Star Wars helmets.

It seems like almost everyone has a helmet in Star Wars and no two helmets look alike. Helmets are as much apart of the fabric of Star Wars as lightsabers. So many wonderful characters are intrinsically tied to them that they become unforgettable.

Darth Vader, of course, is the helmet that started it all. The armor’s sleek lines, that samurai inspiration and the black paint offer a look into the void unlike anything before it. His mask paved the way for others but I think we can all agree that nothing will ever top Vader’s perfect silhouette.

After his success someone wears a helmet or a mask in every single film and I’m not just talking about Stormtroopers. Anakin wears a helmet racing the Bonta Eve Classic. Zori Bliss wears a helmet that only reveals her piercing eyes. Helmets in Star Wars can be made to frighten, inspire and conceal. If you’re an Ewok you can make them into musical instruments.

Leia and Lando wear them to infiltrate. Kylo Ren wears one to mask his pain and show a strength he might not truly possess. Boba Fett wears one, in part, to honor his father. Helmets in Star Wars can do so much and say even more. Their lore and their value is perfectly attached to each user.

Helmets are a crucial part of the Star Wars iconography. If you see Vader’s helmet or Mandalorian headgear and you immediately know it’s Star Wars. That’s the power of these helmets. Their design and their silhouette are so distinct that nothing but Star Wars comes to mind.

Helmets also allow for so many fantastic cosplayers. Put on the helmet and they become completely different people. They become Stormtroopers or a bounty hunter or even Darth Vader himself. I love the joy found in these people and helmets allow them to fully transform. I love seeing them march through the corridors of Comic-Con or reading about their charitable work. Their costumes and in particular their helmets help transport everyone who sees them to a different time and place.

Helmets are as connected to Star Wars as the force or lightsabers. They are in every nook and cranny of the galaxy. Turn your head and there’s a helmet. Personally, I love hats so I suppose in a way those are my helmets. I have hats from every sport to Star Wars and even hats celebrating Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. I certainly have a soft spot for hats and so does Star Wars.

Kyle Scully is a regular contributor at From a Certain Point of View. He also enjoys discussing sports, movies, comic books and more, as well as writing at puckjunk.com! Follow him on Twitter at @socal_scully.

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