Weekly News Round-Up (1/13/2021)

Image from starwars.com

This week there’s a lot of new content to explore. The High Republic has finally arrived, new Lego merch is ready for you to build, and the Bad Batch gets an update.

The holidays might be over but here’s a very cool gingerbread inspired Mandalorian helmet. It’s not beskar but it probably tastes better.

Some very cute, very adorable The Child Buttons from Longuefly were just released on December 29th. He’s sweet even as enamel.

Ludwig Goransson’s Mandalorian theme is unforgettable but this delightfully metal take on the iconic track takes no prisoners in carbonite or otherwise.

Some brand new Lego sets were just released. Whether you’re loaded with Imperial credits or only have a few to spare there are fresh designs for everyone.

Ming-Na Wen gives an update on what to expect from Fennec Shand on Star Wars: The Bad Batch. I need this show to get here yesterday.

Not a direct Star Wars update but now Sony will be selling Mandalorian-like virtual sets. Now you can have a Volume all to yourself.

This interview comes from December but still worth checking out. The Sarlacc Digest Podcast talks with author Cavan Scott about the High Republic.

Check out this great High Republic roundtable discussion from Space.com It’s long but well worth reading if you want to impress your friends with a space freighter’s worth of new Star Wars knowledge.

What The Force has a great podcast interview with Charles Soule discussing the High Republic.

Ahch-To Radio interviews Justina Ireland. It’s a great interview discussing her influences, writing process, her new book A Test of Courage and what’s next for her and the High Republic.

You’ve probably watched it but if you missed it here’s the Star Wars: High Republic launch event. A great watch that really gets you pumped for this new age of Star Wars.

Kyle Scully is a regular contributor at From a Certain Point of View. He also enjoys discussing sports, movies, comic books and more, as well as writing at puckjunk.com! Follow him on Twitter at @socal_scully.

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