Weekly News Round-Up (12/30/2020)

Star Wars The Clone Wars Limited Release Mystery Pin Set 12 total pins and each bag features 2 mystery pins for 19.99. As a fan of the tv show, I’d love a few of these myself, especially Cad Bane.

Newly revealed Rise of Skywalker Concept Art from Adam Brockbank shows off lots of interesting ideas including a lightsaber fight at the Lars homestead (see image above) and different versions of Dark Rey.

Lucasfilm is hiring a Director, Diversity and Inclusion and Belonging I know most of you won’t be applying for this job but I wanted to share it because while this is an admittedly small step it’s still nice and important one towards the diversity and representation that Star Wars needs to show.

Cavan Scott’s recent changes to his newsletter are worth looking into thanks to special videos, project updates and a monthly prize drawing. This upcoming giveaway is a signed copy of Shadow of Vader’s Castle.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Captain Rex FIGPIN at Best Buy looks fantastic and retails at just 14.99. As a fan of pins this is one I just might have to add to my collection.

The site is in Italian but here’s a nice infograph highlighting the different High Republic Jedi and their various relationships.

Fantha Tracks reviews the new Star Wars Knitting book and thank the Force they did because I can’t knit to save my life.

Disney Plus has posted a whole new batch of A NEW HOPE content on the site including Ben Burtt interviews, classic TV spots and the Special Edition trailer.

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