Mandalorian Watch Parties!

Let’s watch The Mandalorian together – as a clan one might say!

All you need to participate is a Discord account (free!) and a Disney+ account (not free, but let’s be honest – you have one anyway). Simply join our Discord server (CLICK HERE) and accept the invite to join. Once you’re there, check out all the channels we have that you can chat in. If you’re on desktop, it’s the menu on the left. If you’re on mobile, just swipe from the left to open it. Down at the very bottom where you see #watch-party-chat is where we’ll be hanging out.

We’ll start at 10PM eastern sharp, so all you’ll need to do is start the episode on your TV, laptop, tablet, whatever. We’ll be chatting in Discord as we watch together!

If you would like to voice chat with us as we watch the episode, simply join the #watch-party-voice-video room (see below). This is not a requirement and if you are unable to use voice chat or would rather text chat, that is perfectly fine. Either way, this is a fun way to enjoy Mando together!

Hope to see you there!

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