Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark Review

It’s expected for major Star Wars productions to get a novel adaptation. In fact, if a movie premiered without a novel coming soon thereafter I’m sure fans would make their displeasure known. So it seems fitting for Star Wars longest running television series to get the same treatment.

Enter: Stories of Light and Dark. This is a collection of short stories by a number of very talented authors, many of which are no stranger to writing Star Wars stories.

So how does the book as a whole hold up? Read on to find out!

Stories of Light and Dark is written at a grade school level, so that’s the first thing to keep in mind. If you’re looking at this book expecting it to be the next Dark Disciple, you should probably pass on it. But if you’re looking for an entry point to Star Wars fiction for the young ones in your life, this would be an excellent option – especially if they’re already Clone Wars fans. You also might want to check it out if you’re an absolute Clone Wars mega-fan.

What Stories of Light and Dark consists of is basically an adaptation of a Clone Wars story for each “chapter” of the book. For example, the first story is “Sharing the Same Face” by Jason Fry. This is an adaptation of the episode “Ambush,” told from Yoda’s perspective. Each subsequent story follows the same idea: taking an episode (or a couple episodes in some cases) and boiling it down to a short story from one character’s perspective.

What you end up with are some interesting takes on the episodes that we’re already very familiar with. In the Jason Fry story I mentioned, there is this interesting take on Yoda being disappointed that he’d be facing Ventress. He was secretly hoping to confront Dooku and get the chance to bring him back to the light. It’s stories like this that make me feel that even adult Clone Wars mega-fans can find enough to make this worthwhile.

But like I said before, this book is really intended to reach that grade school audience. And for that audience, it should be a home run. It’s easily approachable, and you don’t really need much Clone Wars background to get into these stories. They read separately very well. So whether you’re looking at this for the kid that knows everything about Star Wars, the kid who has a passing interest, or the kid who’s just getting started – it seems this book will appeal to any of them.

The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark is available today from Disney Lucasfilm Press in hardcover, audiobook, and ebook editions. It retails at a suggested price of $17.99 for the hardcover edition.

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