Squadrons First Reactions

It’s here! Project Maverick, confirmed late last week to be named Star Wars: Squadrons, dropped its first teaser trailer this morning. Naturally, that means it’s time to get the speculation train rolling, and so here I am!

So let’s punch it and dive right in.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, I’ve conveniently placed it for you above. It’s only slightly over 2 minutes in length, so it won’t take too long to check it out before you continue reading.

What we got today was a cinematic trailer. In other words, this was all pre-rendered footage without any actual gameplay. Nothing you saw today will indicate how the game will actually look once you boot it up and jump in a cockpit. That’s the first important thing to remember here. There is still a ton of information we don’t have on this game yet. Seeing as how it launches on October 2, though, we should expect that in the very near future.

We did get some information about what might be the main idea of the game, though. Towards the end of the trailer, we hear some voiceover dialogue that says “Five pilots…one squadron…the Galaxy’s finest.” This seems to indicate we’re looking at a 5 versus 5 dogfight, at least for the main part of the game. I would expect some semblence of a single player option, even if it’s just training missions. However, I will say that if we’re only looking at a 5v5 skirmish, then I’ll be incredibly disappointed if there’s not much else to keep me busy (especially if this is a full-priced $60 game). You can also bet on microtransactions in this type of game. It just comes with the territory nowadays. That’s not a problem if they keep it to cosmetics and avoid the lootbox/pay-to-win disaster of Battlefront 2.

Second, we did possibly get some indication of when this game takes place. Below is a screen capture of one scene in the trailer. You can see that Hera Syndulla seems to make an appearance, which is pretty exciting in itself! Also in this scene, the character in the middle (if he has a name yet, I’m not aware of it) says, “Remember why we fly.” This idea was a recurring theme in Alexander Freed’s Alphabet Squadron. Finally, later in the trailer we hear mentions of the New Republic and the Empire’s desire for vengeance. All of that adds up to, I believe, a post-Episode 6 time period. If we’re keeping score, I called that on this week’s podcast (wink, wink).

Really, though, aside from some pretty cool cinematics, that’s about all we can gleam from this trailer. The temptation in the days and weeks ahead will be to speculate on what we’re looking at here. Be careful with that, though. There’s still so much we need to learn about this game before we should get too excited by it or too let down by it. Let’s wait and see.

With that said, remember that EA should be a little extra motivated to avoid disasters with Star Wars games in the immediate future. In 2013, they signed a 10 year deal with Disney, and if math serves me correctly, that means they have roughly 3 years left on that deal. We’re getting into a point in time where if the Star Wars license is one they want to keep going forward, they’ll want to make titles that don’t start off like Battlefront 2 did. This is a “what have you done for me lately?” world, and if EA can churn out a Jedi: Fallen Order sequel and make Squadrons into something that sticks, they will be putting themselves in a good position come 2023.

Initially, I will say that I’m cautiously optimistic about Squadrons. Keep listening to the podcast and keep an eye out here on the blog for more about Star Wars: Squadrons in the near future!

2 thoughts on “Squadrons First Reactions

  1. I hope that prequel content is at least a dlc. This is ridiculous, just because original trilogy content (let alone sequels) is “something that everyone can agree on that is good” does not mean that Disney, Hasbro sometimes, and EA have to completely ignore the 2k generation of Star Wars fans. Sorry, don’t mean to be mad.

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    1. No need to be sorry! I get it. The prequels don’t get enough love, I agree. I think for this specific game, though, it makes sense to have something set after Jedi. I’m excited to fill in story in that time period now, which seems to be what this is. The Clone Wars are pretty well covered, in my own humble opinion.


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