Canon Catch-up: Poe Dameron #1-31

Man, it’s been far too long since I’ve written one of these. You would think with a quarantine going on I would have an abundance of time to just blog my heart out. But it’s turned out to be very much the opposite somehow.

Anyway, I’m back at catching you up on the Star Wars canon material out there – and this time I’m checking out the entire Poe Damern comic series from Marvel Comics. This series spans 31 issues that ran from April 2016 until September 2018 and covered a couple major arcs. If you’re looking for Poe Dameron’s backstory, that’s not really what you’ll find here, though.

What It’s About

So what will you find in these 31 issues? A LOT of Black Squadron, first and foremost. In a lot of ways, this comic series could have been called Black Squadron and it would have fit just as nicely. You’ll find a couple new villains also. Chief among those is Terex, who is an ex-stormtrooper that gets caught up in the First Order in an attempt to bring back the glory days of the Empire. After being defeated by our heroes, though, Terex is given a nice brain implant that basically turns him into a human droid (think Lobot from Empire Strikes Back). After that he serves Malarus, a First Order officer that has some interesting Bane-like vibes going on (if you’re familiar with the Batman villain).

After that arc wraps up, we get a nice respite aboard the Millennium Flacon post-Battle of Crait where Finn, Poe, and Rey share war stories and get acquainted with each other. Wrapped into all of this is a great story about the search for Lor San Tekka that takes us across the galaxy to track him down.

The final couple issues show what Black Squadron was up to during the events of The Last Jedi – a mission to drum up support for the Resistance that seemingly carries into the events of the novel Resistance Reborn.

What I Thought

This was an interesting series. I don’t know that I loved it, but it was definitely far from boring. Terex was a pretty good villain, and I did very much enjoy his story and his character design. The fact that he’s aligning with pirates and gangsters but still working with one of the major factions in the galaxy gives him this almost anti-Han Solo vibe. There are times he’s a bit over the top, but it’s Star Wars. Over the top comes with the territory. Speaking of over the top, Malarus is that times ten. Her shooting herself up in the eye with whatever drug/steroid she was using was intense to say the least.

I think I most enjoyed where the series ended. I did love the retrospectives on The Force Awakens told in a war story style, and I loved seeing Finn, Poe, and Rey getting some bonding time. It makes their connection in The Rise of Skywalker that much more special. Leia has some absolutely wonderful and inspirational moments in here as well. She’s every bit the General, leader, and mentor she was always meant to be.

If there’s one nitpick I have in the series as a whole, it might be C-3PO. His dialogue and role never really felt like it fit his character. We find out early on he’s running a massive network of droid-spies, which seems just slightly too exciting for our favorite protocol droid.

Canon Points

  • C-3PO is the head of a major droid spying network.
  • Leia officiated the marriage of Snap Wexley and Kare Kun.
  • Black One has been through a lot, from crashes to losing wings and just about everything in between.
  • BB-8 had a girlfriend droid, Ivee.
  • Lor San Tekka cannot touch the Force, and has devoted his life to researching the light and the dark. So much so that he breaks into places he shouldn’t be to learn about relics of the past.
  • Leia has held on to Padme’s collection of clothing.
  • The Neimoidians, or at least some of them, have become independent factions that compete with each other as providers of glorified vaults and safes.

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