Guarding The Light: Celebration Online

There’s no getting around it. The last few weeks have been stressful, crazy, and downright depressing more often than not. And the next few weeks or possibly months don’t look a lot different as we sit here right now. Seeing everything close down and major events cancelling or postponing their plans throws everything into doubt. And even though it’s still pretty far out there, some are wondering if Star Wars Celebration might feel some ramifications as well.

But this is where wonderful and uplifting communities step in. This is what I saw yesterday as I was scrolling through Twitter and Facebook. People were coming together for online versions of church, school, family events, or even just a little bit of silly fun. And then I saw this tweet:

I’m totally sold! I would love to see something like this happen. When we can’t come together physically, we can still be a strong community from our own homes. We can make the best of this situation, like so many have been trying to do thus far. Of course, this idea is going to take some traction and some energy behind it to get it moving. And if we can all come together and make something like this happen, it may or may not even look like this original tweet.

But that’s not actually what matters here. What matters here is that we as fans have this desire to be fans together and nothing can stop that, even stay-at-home orders. And this is why I felt I needed to make this one idea the latest entry in Guarding the Light (our blog series focusing on all the positive aspects of the online Star Wars community). This is a wonderful example of just how postive this community is.

So what can you do? Show your support! I’ve given you the tweet, so if you haven’t already go give it a simple retweet. Follow Tatooine Sons. Start talking about it. Or if you feel like you’re on the outside looking in, this is a perfect jumping in point. Join a community, start talking to people with the same interests as you. Geek out about things you love. And maybe, just maybe, we might be able to do it all in one large online Celebration-style event.

Let’s all keep guarding that light in the weeks to come. Here’s hoping we see you at Celebration Online one of these days!

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