Guarding the Light: Community Jedi Training

I stumbled across this story last week, and it’s just one of those feel-good stories. With so much negativity going on in social media and on the news, it’s not often you get a story like this.

If you’re in Louisiana, you can start your Jedi training for just 25 cents. Local Jedi Master Elliot Walsh has started training those interested in his community in the hopes of spreading his love of Star Wars.

“I want a lot of things to be cheap, for people that don’t have that much money and can’t really have a lot of fun because they can’t go to expensive places and learn anything. So what I want to do, is try and spread some joy, train some people how to be a Jedi master, and maybe they will share it with other people too.”

Elliot Walsh, from

I love this. For him, Guarding the Light means spreading joy and showing others around him what it means to be a Jedi. In turn, he hopes they’ll spread it just the same. This is Star Wars at its best! The Rebellion didn’t start out as a huge movement. It started with people doing what they could in their sphere of influence, just as Elliott is doing.

If you’d like to read more about Elliott and his local training academy or check out the video that aired on WBRZ News, click here!

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