App & Games Spotlight: Star Wars App

Star Wars isn’t just about movies and TV, or even books and comics. There are plenty of ways to have some fun in your down time if you’re more into interactive experiences like video games and apps. So I thought it would be fun to take a periodic look at a Star Wars app or video game, and perhaps it will introduce you to something you didn’t know was out there or totally forgot about.

So first up, what better place to start than the official Star Wars app? Avalailble on iOS and Android, this app has tons of fun little tidbits to help you pass the time, or even decorate your social media and text interactions.

When you first boot up the app, you’ll be asked if you want to log into your Disney account, and then you’ll have the option of choosing the theme for the app (which you can change later if you have a change of heart). You can choose the Light Side, Dark Side, and Droids. I chose Light Side, of course. Changing from theme to theme mostly changes the color of the menus within the app (which you can see represented for each faction from the image here), but it also changes some of the sound effects you hear when navigating through the app as well. Where you hear some more blaster shots and lightsaber effects with the Light Side and Dark Side, you hear more twills and beeps on the Droids side.

Once you’re in the app, you’ll see you have a nice selection of things to do. If you enable location services, you’ll get local weather, but it will be equated to some location in the Star Wars galaxy. As you can see, 43°F feels like Alderaan. Must be before it went supernova. Also, you have access to official Star Wars news and videos, as well as a nice little “this date in history” blurb at the top. In all honesty, you’re probably getting your news and videos from other sources, but you can set up push notifications within the app to get your attention if anything major drops from the official channels.

Some of my other favorite parts of this app are the Force Trainer, which is an augmented reality game that puts up a training droid (like Luke practices with in Episode IV) and you have to tilt your phone like a lightsaber to block the blaster bolts. It’s a fun little time waster, and seeing it imposed over your real-life surroundings is a nice idea. But then we have the GIFs, emojis, stickers, and soundboard. These features alone make this worth the download. Honestly, some of the audio clips I use in the podcast came straight from here. There’s a wonderful selection of pretty much everything here, some of which I tried to capture in the screenshots that I placed in this little slideshow.

Oh, and then there’s this little gem.

I’ll protect him until my dying day.

There’s also a selfie feature in the app, which sounds amazing because in theory it will let you choose a character, a lightsaber color, and a background for you to snap a selfie with (or even become a character yourself). For whatever reason, though, I can only get the Rebel character and background to work. The app says I can scan QR codes to get more characters and settings, but fails to explain where I can find said QR codes. It’s more than a little frustrating, because I remember a few years ago there were a number of these included within the app when you downloaded, no QR code quests needed. Oh well, c’est la vie. I still look okay as a Rebel.

There’s also some things I didn’t get to try out. The Bose AR Experience sounds like something I’d really love to try out (no pun intended). But seeing as how I don’t have the headphones to make it happen, I can’t. But here’s the little trailer that plays in the app so you can see what it is. If you have these headphones and can experience this, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

There’s also a Galaxy’s Edge datapad, which combines with the Play Disney Parks app to create an immersive scavenger hunt of sorts in Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge. Again, I can’t test this out right now, living a thousand miles away and all. But here’s another little video you can check out to see how this works:

Overall, this is a fun app to mess around with and totally worth a free download, even if it’s just to snap a picture of you and a Baby Yoda sticker. I have read about some crashing issues with the app lately, but I didn’t experience anything other than my annoyance with the selfie feature.

Have you messed around with the Star Wars App? I’d love to hear what you think about it, so let me know in the comments below!

You can find more information about the app here:

Download it from the Play Store:

Download it from the App Store:

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