Kicking Things Off

We’re really excited to get things kicked off!

You’ll no doubt hear a lot of this information on this week’s podcast (because you do listen to the podcast, right? *Jedi mind trick hand wave*). We have been Star Wars fans all our lives, and we have discussed it off camera and off mic for countless hours over the last couple decades. The time was right to change that and start putting our discussions out there for everyone to take part in.

And we haven’t always agreed on things, either. This is where the idea for our show began. It’s not a secret that Star Wars fans have been at odds with each other over the last couple years. Josh and I have always insisted that even though we don’t see eye to eye on everything that happens on screen or on page, we’re still fans – just ones that have different points of view.

Perspective has often been called into question in Star Wars. From Palpatine distorting Anakin’s sense of right and wrong to Obi-Wan maybe stretching the truth a bit when telling Luke of his father’s fate, one’s point of view often defines what one perceives as “truth.” That’s what we want to explore here.

Episode 1 (no, not that one) is set to launch very soon, so keep an eye out on those socials over the next couple days!

And, of course, THANK YOU for reading, tuning in, retweeting, spreading the word, and staying on target. It means everything to both of us!

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